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About us

What is Reception Finder?

The web site is a simple concept born out of frustration.
Since the emergence of broadband in Australia over the last few years, more and more people are finding themselves relying on the internet as the best source for a wide variety of products and services. When it comes to planning a major important event, like a wedding, the benefits of being able to quickly browse, discuss and short-list many reception venues within a few minutes is a fantastic time saver. The ability to also make enquiries 'out of hours' directly to the venues, without leaving home, is a great example of the empowerment gained by the smart use of the internet.
As a result of this internet revolution, many directory type web sites have sprung up over the years. Search around and you will find many web sites offering reception venue searches, but they often have one spectacular deficiency - they try to pack so many categories and sub-categories into their directory site that they often leave their users confused, exhausted and frustrated - and without a decision! 
It was this feeling of frustration that gave the creators of Reception Finder the simple concept – why not just devote a search engine to one small but critical planning task in any upcoming event, that is where to stage the event -deciding on the most suitable reception venue. The Reception Finder creators believe this one decision is more than enough work for one night! will always aim to retain this simple approach. The site became operational in May 2007 and officially launched with Australia wide publicity on 1st July 2007. 
The web site is one of a kind as it is dedicates it entire search to Reception Venues only. It provides a platform for proud reception venue owners to ‘show their stuff’ with an equal opportunity afforded to both small and large venues right across the country - in capital cities, in regional areas, the country, the outback...
With it's simple customer-focused approach and purpose-built search engine is destined to become the number one reception venue search tool in Australia... 

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