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DISCLAIMER. website is for  Wedding Reception Venue Businesses  to advertise their Venue.   website does not warranty or endorse any Venue that has placed an advertisement on this site nor the content of what the business has advertised. website is not liable in way or form for any content on this site or any website that is linked to this site. We recommend that you do a check on all suppliers before commencing a service with them. Content on this site is subject to change without notice. Use of this site means that you will not hold any person or persons and businesses associated with this site responsible or liable for any loss or damage in any way or form.
If you feel that a business listing is unacceptable or content is not acceptable please contact us with your concerns.
ADVERTISER’S advertisers must make sure that all content used in promoting on this site is of an acceptable nature and does not contravene any state or federal laws or copyright. Information of users collected from this site  is to be treated in strict confidence and to be only used for your own business purpose and not distributed without the users consent.   If a complaint is received you must satisfy us as to the complaint or your listing will be removed from our site without refund.
 All listings are prepaid and non refundable after 1 week of payment received.
We reserve the right to refuse a listing on our website that we deem unsatisfactory or has any non acceptable content that this site was intended for.
These Policies may change from time to time without notice so please revisit and view this page on a regular basis.

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